Peoples Choice Award

The BBXINT Team will be judging down to the Top 32 wildcards, and opening a public poll on our Discord server for you to place your vote(s) for your favourite wildcard!

Use your votes wisely!

The person with the most combined votes over a one week period will win the ultimate gaming combo:
An Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset
and a Woojer Strap Edge!


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  • TIME

    The length of your wildcard must be between and minimum time of 1 minute 55 seconds and a maximum time of 2 minutes 5 seconds! This does NOT include your intro/outro, and going over this time may result in your wildcard being disqualified!


    For this event, we request that everyone that makes the Top 16 has a way to stream their camera and join us for the live event on the 10th of July. So, if you enter make sure you have a way to not only sound good, but look good too!


    Make sure your audio is clear, and natural. Mixing your wildcard for EQ purposes is allowed; but do not use or add effects that cause an unnatural element! (i.e keep it as natural sound as possible!)


    Once you've recorded your wildcard, upload the video to YouTube, with the hashtag '#IT21' in the title or description, and fill in the entry form on this page to officially submit your wildcard!

Entry Form

By pressing 'I agree', you agree that:
• You've read the rules relating to wildcards, and that your wildcard is in line with these rules.
• If you are a minor, permission has been given from a parent or guardian to enter this event.
• You allow Beatbox International to reuse your images and videos in content relating to International Throwdown 2021 event. (Credit will always be given to the performer)
• You confirm that you have the means in place to receive online payments sent via paypal and agree that any fees incurred through international transfers will be deducted from the prize.